What is it like to be a Boxing Ring Girl? Meet @alissadaisy 👑 🥊

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

boxing ring girls
Ring Girl Alissa

Round Card Girl?

Ring Girl?

Promotional Model?

Professional Number Holder 🤷‍♀️ 😂

We had a chat with the amazing Finesse Ring Girls to find out what its all about and if it really is as fun as it looks!?


So let's start with the basics what's your name, how old are you and where are you from?

"Hey I’m Alissa, I’m 21 and I’m from Cambridgeshire."

How did you become a Ring Girl and how long have you been doing it ?

I started ring girling about 3 years ago, I had applied to a ring girl and promotional modelling agency after I’d just won Miss Cambridgeshire and I remember being flown out to Germany for my first ever job with a girl I’d never met! We instantly became best friends and we had so much fun ring girling together.

Best thing about Boxing/MMA?

The best thing about boxing I think is the atmosphere, I’ve been lucky enough to experience some amazing boxing shows put on in amazing venues where the atmosphere is just so exciting!

What do you miss the most since boxing has taken a break?

Most of all I think I miss my ring girl friends, we are all like minded girls that mostly live in completely different areas of the country so when I ring girl I always get to catch up with my ring girl friends I might not have seen in a while, or make new friends if I haven’t met the ring girl before.

Is there a lot of travelling?

There is quite a lot of travelling, I’d say the majority of the boxing events I work at take place in London but I don’t mind the travelling

What do you usually eat at events?

I always make sure to eat properly before I ring girl a boxing shows can start quite early in the evening and go on very late. But I always bring snacks that’ll give me energy such as sweets, and there’s always a paramedic or MC offering out tangtastics! I also work a few black tie boxing dinner events where I get a 3 course meal included, I love that job!!!

What do you prefer Boxing or MMA

I think I prefer boxing to MMA it cringes me out a little seeing the bare feet and I always find MMA to have a lot more injuries.

Do you have a boyfriend - do they usually respond well to your job?

Yes I do have a boyfriend, he’s a professional footballer so he gets a lot of female attention so it works well really because we both understand each other will get attention but that we never respond to it. And he supports everything I do and is always so proud of me!