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Ring Girls show you what happens at the BKFC UK Newcastle Weigh ins!

Watch the Ring Girls for BKFC UK Newcastle Weigh ins ⬆️

I'm sure you have all seen a weigh in or pre lims for a fight show at a distance! Be apart of a Ring Girl agency means the Ring Girls are lucky enough to get front row seats right in front of the action! Come with us as we take you behind the scenes at BKFC UK Newcastle for a weekend of bare knuckle fighting championships action!

Ring Girl boss Carla Jade tells us all about it. ⬇️

BKFC UK Newcastle weigh ins

"At the shows and pre lims we are pretty much allowed wherever we like. Mark, Dave and team are really friendly and always make us feel welcome.
We usually get ready at the hotel and we have our outfits with us already. When we arrive we will have a little run through and show the girls around the venue, where they have to stand etc.
Just before the fighters come out we are announced on the mic "welcome the bare knuckle bombshells" During the weigh in we have to stand on our marks and smile and clap out the fighters as they get announced.
After the weigh ins are over we usually make content, speak to the fighters and run through anything for fight day. It's all really well planned we get a call sheet and itinerary.
The hardest thing is staying still and smiling. That sounds crazy but you can't really move, touch your face, cough or anything like that. I always have water before I step on and make sure i've had a wee haha

BKFC UK ring girls agency weigh in

Bare Knuckle boxing facts 💥

  • BKFC held the first ever sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing event in the United States since 1869.

  • In September 2022 bar knuckle fighting championship formed BKFC UK and they help there fist official event on the 26th of November 2022 in Newcastle.

  • The first ever bare knuckle champion in history was Englishman James Figg who won the title back in 1719.

  • The record for the longest running bare knuckle fight was in 1855 between James Kelly and Jonathon Smith which lasted 6 hours and fifteen minutes.

My favourite thing about the weigh ins is that we get to be so close to the action. You really get to hear every word that get said and all the trash talk a fight beef is so exciting to watch. I really love it.

BKFC Newcastle weigh in wing girls agency

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