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Who are the Ring Girls from BKFC UK?

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Say hello to the stunning BKFC UK ring girls! We give you the low down on the beautiful babes ahead of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships return to the UK in March! We fill you in on the girls stats, fave things, what's it like to be a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship ring girl and lots more. This way to find out... who are the ring girls from BKFC UK?

Meet the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship BKFC UK RING GIRLS

BKFC UK Wembley Ring Girls.

bkfc bare knuckle championship ring girl

Carla Jade - Ring Girls Boss

Carla is the founder of Finesse Ring Girls and manages the ring girls for the BKFC UK events. " I love my job and being a ring girl for BKFC UK! Everyone is really lovely, the events are insane and we get great opportunities as a part of the job!"

"I started the agency in 2019 and we have been with BKFC UK since their first event at the OVO arena in Wembley last year. It was my first time watching bare knuckle boxing and I didn't realise I would enjoy it as much as I would! We got to hang out with the fighters and take photos and during the break we threw some merch into the crowd. It was epic"

"The main question I get asked as is how can I be a ring girl and because I run the agency its so nice to be able to share the experience with other girls and 2023 is going to be so much fun!"

BKFC Ring girl agency
@carla_jjade at BKFC UK Newcastle

Five Facts About Carla Jade

She is an Aires and her birthday is in March. ♈️

Her biggest fear is birds 🦅

She also runs an event staffing a model agency and before Finesse Ring Girls she worked as an early years practitioner and model. 👩‍💼

More photos of Carla Jade from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships ⬇️

Carla Jade outside the Ring 👙


BKFC ring girl agency


Our blonde Bare Knuckle Babe is from Manchester is also a social executive and English BA & Master of Law.

When she's not in the ring or busy working Hannah enjoys movie nights with her dog.

"I've made some of my closest friends ring girling, I really love it. I used to work in law, it was amazing but sitting behind a desk all day wasn't for me so i'm enjoying a break." If I could describe, myself in one word I would say crazy 😜 "

Five Facts About Hannah

Hannah's dream holiday is the Bahamas 🏝

She was on S1 "love In The Flesh" on BBC 3 and Hulu 📺

She has been Ring Girl at all BKFC UK events. 🥊

She is single 💕

She is also a presenter and grid girl 🎤

More photos of Hannah from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships ⬇️

Hannah outside of the Ring ⬇️


who are the bkfc uk ring girls


Our babe Megan is 30 years old and from Nottinghamshire. " The best thing about being a ring girl is travelling up and down the country meeting different people."

"I love work but the thing that makes me smile the most is my daughter. She is my absolute life and soul and I love her so much"

When she's not in. the ring Megan enjoys dancing on her TikTok and going to the gym.

who are the bkfc uk ring girls

Five Facts About Megan

Megan can solve a Rubik's cube in under two mins ⏱

Her biggest turn off is bad eaters and bad table manners 🐷

Megan has hazel eyes 👁

She is a Leo ♌️

Megan is an accountant

More photos of Megan from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships ⬇️

Megan outside of the Ring ⬇️


who are the bkfc uk ring girls


Taylor joined us for BKFC UK at Wembley alongside Carla Jade, Hannah and Megan in the OVO arena.

She is from Essex and works as a PA alongside being a Ring Girl. Taylor loves a night out and enjoys clubbing with the girls when she's not working.

If she could invite 3 celebrities with her on a night out it would be Elvis Presley, Kylie Jenner and the queen.

bkfc uk ufc ring girl

Five Facts About Taylor

Taylor appeared on S1 " Written in the stars" 📺

She has a puppy called Karma 🐶

Her favourite cocktail is a cosmopolitan 🍸

If she could have a superpower she would be invisible 🦸‍♀️

Taylor says that her friends would describe her as loony. 😜

More photos of Taylor from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships ⬇️

Taylor outside of the Ring ⬇️


who are the BKFC UK ring girls


Harleigh has been with Finesse longest out of the BKFC UK ring girls and has worked a long list of shows in her career. Alongside being a ring girl she is a stunning model and enjoys shopping and eating out with her friends.

" Being a ring girl is so much fun, BKFC UK was so good the atmosphere was insane"

bkfc uk ring girl

Five Facts About Harleigh

If Harleigh could have a superpower it would be flying 🦸‍♀️

Her favourite food is pasta. 🍝

The last song she listened to was "Rich Flex" - Drake 🎶

Harleigh is a Virgo ♍️

She lobes shopping and has a HUGE shoe and bag collection 😍

More photos of Harleigh from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships ⬇️

Harleigh outside of the Ring ⬇️



Libby is years 24 years old and from the midlands. She enjoys horse riding and looking after her horses at the stables.

"Ive been a ring girl for a couple of years now. The best part is hanging out with the girls, sometimes we stay away together which is loads of fun! "

My ideal date is a nice dinner somewhere where I can dress up. Im always busy working so its nice to make the effort when I do take time out.

Five Facts About Libby ⬇️

She is a professional horse rider and competes across the country🐴

Libby appeared on MTV's "Are you the one UK" 📺

She has starred in many films such as Malificant and The Crown 👑

Libby's favourite cocktail is a pornstar martini 🍸

She is a Pisces ♓️

More photos of Libby from Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships ⬇️

Libby outside of the Ring ⬇️

Get to know our Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Babes ⬇️

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