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How to become a professional boxer?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Professional boxing is not a career choice to be taken lightly and comes with many risks but also great rewards, fame and success!

If you want to compete in professional boxing bouts you will need to obtain a professional boxers licence from the British Boxing Board Of Control. If you want to fight on the big boxing leagues in the most prestigious arenas (every boxers dream right?) there's a few things you'll need to do before you are ready to apply for your license and start competing.

We've put together our top tips on...

How to become a professional boxer/fighter!

  1. FITNESS! Get your self down the gym, find your self a trainer and tell them your goals and expectations.! To be a professional boxer takes a lot of hard work and training and it's imperative that your fitness is top level.

  2. DIET! Nutrition is key when it comes to professional boxing. It is really important to speak to a nutritionist to ensure you are getting everything in your diet to so you can train and compete at your very best. Meal preps are a great way to save time and make sure your getting all the goodness you need in each meal.

  3. HEALTH! Make sure you are fit and well enough to train and fight. If you have any health issues or concerns we would defiantly recommend speaking to your doctor prior to any fitness or diet change!

  4. SPARING! Get some sparring in! Nothing works better than good old practice! You need to make sure you have had a good amount in sparring in before even considering taking on any fight! The more sparring you can have under your belt the better. Your trainer will be able to help you set up safe and controlled sparring and advise you on areas you need to work on.

  5. GAIN KNOWLEDGE! Speak to boxers, trainers, promoters and as many boxing PROFESSIONALS as you can so you know exactly what expect from the career and what it takes/involves!

  6. EXPERIENCE! The Board expects that all applicants have had experience in amateur boxing. With your trainers help and only when you are ready participate in amateur boxing fights. It is important that you know what to expect from a fight. Its all good and well sparing but being in the ring for 4, 6, 8 and sometimes 12 rounds is hard work and its so important to experience how this feels on your body!

To apply for a professional Boxer’s licence you must first supply the following to Head Office:-

-Fully completed original application form-4 Passport photographs-Original Driving Licence or Passport-Boxer/Manager Contracts-Amateur Record Card-Licence fee payment (to be advised at time of application)

Upon receipt of the above, the information will be forwarded to the relevant Area Secretary.

Following a successful interview and recommendation from your Area Council, Head Office will request the following for consideration:-

-Medical with opticians report-MRI/MRA brain scan report-HIV blood test result-Hepatitis C blood test result-Hepatitis B surface antigen blood test result-Evidence of commencement of Hepatitis B vaccinations.

Visit the website for details on how to apply.


You can search the internet and social media for a good boxing management and your trainer and other boxing professionals will be able to give you advice on who is right for you. Its so important to have the right team around you and a good management will have your best interests and always secure deals that are right for you! Its normal for them to charge a commission fee for their services and anything up to 30% is typical. You shouldn't have to pay anything upfront... when you get paid, they get paid.

We spoke with Queensbury Boxing leagues Promotions Director Alan Foley who gave us his best advice on becoming a professional boxer!

“My best advice for any new professional is be prepared to work as hard on your self promotion as you do in the gym.
Boxing is an incredibly tough sport in and out of the ring, and at the professional level the business element can be brutal.
For a professional promoter it’s about putting bums on seats and building fighters who bring supporters to the shows, so creating a following sometimes seems as important as their performance in the ring. “

Make sure you’re following Queensbury Boxing League on their socials for big upcoming news about the return of the UK’s Premier Boxing League!

Photo credit : Queensbury Boxing League via Instagram


Our Ring Girls can't wait to be back and see the safe return of boxing. To catch up with the girls and all our BTS from events make sure you follow Finesse Ring Girls on our Socials below!

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