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When will we see the return of Conferences and Exhibitions in the UK? Not October 1st says Boris....

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

When will UK Events return?

Conferences and exhibitions will not be allowed to run from 1 October, prime minister Boris Johnson has confirmed. It's the news we were all dreading but lets be honest, with such a massive change to the events sector it would be unrealistic to think everything would go back to normal over night.

So with that said, what sort of future does the business conference and exhibition industry have?

With the increase in virtual and online expos and events it leaves us wondering, will this be the new norm? Fear not there is no substitute for live and face to face business experiences and with the insist worth an estimated £1.2tn gloabally pre Covid-19 its not one us events proffs will be happy to see disappear.

Exhibitions and conferences are the only place where you are able to get valuable one to one time with the individuals that are relevant to you. There are no delays, waiting for emails to be read or time zone conflicts, its your chance to get you message across in the flesh!

We don't know for certain when we will see the return of the events industry in full swing and following Boris Johnson's announcement its not going to be October 1st as hoped.

The issue we are facing within the sector is that quite obviously these exhibitions and trade shows rely on clients and consumers, sometimes in their 10s of thousands. Even if events were to be scaled down it would take for just one case Covid-19 to potentially spread quickly through attendees. Nobody wants to see this happen so that's why its going to take a lot of planning and working together to get back to the way things were,Safely!

Although it does seem virtual events are likely to play a bigger role in future conferences it is ludicrous to think that the old way is gone forever! But when is all everyone wants to know?!

Most events for 2020 have now reluctantly cancelled or rebooked until later dates. With the events such as the Dubai expo now pushed back until March 2021 and SiGMA Malta until February 2021 fingers crossed we will start the see some moments next year. After all only time will tell and the WHO are closely monitoring the stats to try and predict trends and new waves in the virus.

It is completely possible for live events and expos to return with new measures in place, allow us to exhibit safely once again but its going to be a little while yet. While things have been quiet we have use the time to make sure our staff and team are up to date on the latest health a safety guidance. Finesse Event Staffing are a Covid-19 complaint agency and work closely with our staff and clients to ensure safe working conditions for events and exhibitions.

If you would like to speak with a member of our team to discuss how we can assist you at your next event, exhibition, trade show or conference you can visit on contact section.

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For all up to date guidance and advice regarding Covid-19 please visit


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