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Our Red HOT Girls Down in Dubai for Crypto Expo

Finesse Queens, Ana, and Marina are in Dubai for the Crypto Expo. The Largest event in Asia for investors and Crypto industry leaders to network and explore business opportunities.

Ana and Marina revving up everybody's engine

We confess and take all the blame for how good our girls look and how distracting they are for all serious investors.

Marina and Ana getting ready to greet guests at the Dubai Crypto Expo

The gorgeous Ana reporting for Expo News

Our stunning Marina gets ready to talk to guests at the Crypto Expo Dubai

We thought we would introduce you to our two Queens who are out working hard in Dubai.

Queen Ana

Q: Tell us about yourself?

A : I'm from Macedonia and I am currently based in Dubai. That’s been my home for the past 10 years. I'm an ex-flight attendant and currently freelancing as a model.

Q: What would your ideal day and night consist of?

A: Mornings always start with coffee and evenings are ending with some good food and a glass of wine. During the day I prefer always to be surrounded by my friends so mostly I spend the days active around the city.

Q: Why do you love Dubai?

A: Dubai has been my home for very a long time now. Here I have made great friends and have built an exciting lifestyle. Mostly I love it because it's always sunny and you can never be bored, there is always something fun happening around. It also gives me the opportunity to take part in amazing events like this for Finesse.

Q: What are some of your favourite things to do?

A: I love the sun, so most of the time here I spend it on the beach. Apart from that, I have a travel bug in me, so I use every opportunity of free time to go somewhere new and explore.

Q: What is the one thing you couldn't live without?

A: My cat :)

Q: What is your best quality and feature?

A: I'm very energetic by nature and very easy to talk to.

Q: How would people describe you?

A: The most fun and impulsive in the group :)

Our other gorgeous Queen in Dubai is the amazing Marina.

Queen Marina

Q: Tell us about yourself?

A: Hi everybody. My name is Marina, I’m from Ukraine. I currently live in Dubai. I'm so excited to be at the Crypto Expo and working for Finesse.

Q: Why do you love Dubai? A: Dubai is a very beautiful and safe city with many opportunities. I love waking up here each and every day. Q: What are your hobbies? A: I love to keep active and do lots of different sports. I especially enjoy playing tennis, riding, and dancing.

Q: How would people describe you? A: I think my friends would say that I am an open and positive person, sympathetic and kind.

Q: What is your best quality and feature? A: I would say optimism, reliability, friendliness, politeness, purposefulness, and creativity.

Q: What is the one thing you could not live without? A: I would have to say travel, I really like visiting new countries and learning about different cultures.

If like Ana and Marina you would like to join the Finesse Family and be part of amazing events like the Crypto Expo in Dubai then see the links below.

If you want to become a Ring Girl or join our Agency please visit our apply section and submit and application!

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