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How to make a success of an Event or Exhibition!

Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to promote their brand and drive sales up. And there are few better opportunities than an exhibition or event. Here, you could have thousands of your target customers under one roof – and they’re all looking to buy. So, it would be easy to think you can’t lose; that all you need to do is turn up, sit back and wait for clients to hand over their cash. But it’s not as simple as that. You see, all your competitors are there too. And they want that same custom. Sometimes delegates are reluctant to talk. They might be wary of being dragged into a sales pitch, not yet sure why your product or service is beneficial to you or they may simply not be confident talking to strangers. Now, probability says that you’ll most likely pick up some business, but is ‘some’ enough? You’ve invested time, effort and money in this event. You’ve come to the Mecca of your industry. And you’ve got ‘a little bit’ of interest and ‘some’ new business? Surely you want more than that?

So, if sitting back isn’t an option, you’re going to have to get out there and engage with these potential customers. You need to show them why your brand and your products or services are superior to the competition. You need to hook them in. You need…Dave from the production line? Sure, he tells a good anecdote, but is that going to wow the crowds? And can you really trust him not to say something a bit stupid? How about Gemma, from reception then? She spends all day speaking to clients, she’s friendly and she won’t make any embarrassing slip ups. But she can be a little timid when it comes to approaching people. And besides, if she’s at the exhibition, who’ll be answering the phone and greeting customers at the branch?

Fortunately, there is an alternative to Dave or Gemma. Event models are people who understand business and have the experience and know-how to engage with clients in a friendly yet professional way that promotes your brand via an outstanding customer experience. It’s a cliché, but its true that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. And in a pressure cooker environment full of both your target customers and your competition, more so than ever, you must nail it first time and in the first few seconds of each and every customer interaction.

Hiring event staff allows you to approach the event knowing you have people in the roles that they perform in best. The ability to approach customers in a professional manner and to sell to them without being pushy is not something that comes easily to everybody. Staff with technical knowledge who are not usually in a customer facing role can be nervous of approaching customers and often fall at the first hurdle – engagement. Event models will help to overcome that barrier through their experience and knowledge of providing first class client interaction. Then they can pass that client to the technical bods to complete the process. Strategy and managing human resources are key to success in every aspect of business.Don’t fall into the trap of forgetting to apply those principles to what should be one

of your biggest new business drives of the year.


Finesse Event Staffing 2020

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