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Meet the Battle Arena MMA Ring Girls!

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Meet Finesse Ring Girls Battle Arena MMA Ring Girls 🥊

Battle Arena is a premier combat promotion featuring the best in up-and-coming MMA talent! Our girls are thrilled to be a part of spectacular events and you can catch their debut in Birmingham on Novemeber 13th! Head over to Battle area for Event and Ticket info 🥊

Name: Libby Robertson

MMA ring girls

Social media links: @Libby_Robertsonxi

About yourself:

Hi, my name is Libby I’m 24 years old and a Ring Girl for Finesse Ring Girls and Battle Arena! I am also a professional horse rider as well as being a ring girl.
The horse riding was something I have been passionate about since a young age and I have been lucky enough to have been included in several movies as a horse rider because of this. I was a stunt double for the princess (Elle Flanning) in Maleficent 2 , a circus rider in the dumbo movie, along with other projects.
I have always enjoyed meeting new people and being a part of new projects, which is what drew me to ring girling initially. Along the way I have developed a new respect for MMA and have taken more interest in the skill and passion it takes.
This is what intrigued me the most about the battle arena. It is clear from what I can see about the show that a lot of heart, sweat and effort goes into it. I can tell that there is a lot of pride in the event and I’m really excited to be a part of!

mma ring girl

One piece of advice:

Never give up on your dreams anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Name: Jessica Adele Ford

MMA ring girls

Social media links: @jessicaadeleford

About yourself:

I am the current Miss Grand England and excited to be representing England internationally in Thailand for the final competition, as one of the biggest beauty pageants in the world it is an honour to have been given the opportunity.
After moving away from home and attending performing school at the age of 16 I have been lucky enough to perform at Wembley arena among other prestigious venues and companies.
Following becoming an ambassador the survivors trust, a rape and sexual assault support charity and regularly being featured in the press for my charity work, I now enjoy writing my own column for the Birmingham mail.
When I’m not working or studying at college I love taking my dog Beau for walks, going to the gym and going out with friends and family.
I am excited for my new venture with battle arena, a great showcase for the sport.

My favourite part of the job is the feeling the excitement from the crowd

One piece of advice:

Use adversity as an opportunity.

Name: Sarah Lucy

Ufc ring girls

Social media links: @sarahxlucy

About yourself:

Hi I’m Sarah-lucy I’m 30 years old from Birmingham living in London, I take a great interest in looking after myself, going to the gym, fashion hair and makeup!
As a part of this I have worked in retail for 11 years, working in Selfridges for prestigious beauty houses such as Chanel, Dior, and Laura Mercier. I really enjoy working with and experimenting with make-up and new looks and it has helped me in my work as a model too.

I’ve been working in events and modelling for three years, and I LOVE it! I really enjoy travelling and making new friends as a part of Ring Girling. I take all interest in sports from football to boxing and love the atmosphere, and the sportsmanship.
My favourite part of the job is the atmosphere at the events and the fun I have with the girls while I’m there! It really is such a great job and were so lucky to be able to do something so fun for a living. Of course, there are long hours and a lot of traveling sometimes but it’s all worth it!

ring girl agency mma

One piece of advice:

Always be kind and treat people with respect! A smile and good manners go a long way.

Name: Hazel

Social media links: @hazelcathrin

About yourself:

Hey! My name is Hazel, I am 26 years old and a ring girl for Finesse!
I am a country girl at heart and moved to London to study acting. Since then I have found a love for fashion and content creation, which is where I started and grew my Instagram.

I enjoy travelling and meeting new people, which is what drew me to ring girling. I appreciate the dedication and hard work it involves to take part in the sport of boxing, and I love the atmosphere at events.

One piece of advice: “Be the woman you would look up to”


You can catch the girls and all the action March 5th in Wolverhampton 🥊

To catch up with the girls and all our BTS from events make sure you follow Finesse Ring Girls on our Socials below!

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